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Addiction Solitaire Overview

Need some more solitaire in your life? Try the best of Addiction Solitaire and experience exactly what its namesake suggests. The sleek feel of the virtual Addiction Solitaire green felt will leave you mesmerized, and the addictive experience will ensure that you find yourself playing Addiction Solitaire free and online all day long! Keep reading for instructions on how to play Addiction Solitaire.

How to Play Addiction Solitaire

The objective in Addiction Solitaire is to sort all four of your rows into ascending order: 2 to King. Each row in Addiction Solitaire must be of the same suit and you must be quick to beat the game before time runs out! Once the cards are dealt, the Aces are removed to provide four blank positions, and cards can then be moved into these positions one at a time. To help you out, this free online version of an Addiction Solitaire game kindly highlights the moveable cards for you, and you can move them by dragging or double-clicking. You can move an Addiction Solitaire card into a blank spot if follows the previous card in sequence and suit. You get five points for each card that is in the correct spot at the end of the game, and if all of your cards are solved correctly, you gain bonus points!

Fun Facts About Addiction Solitaire

  • The 2 card in this Addiction Solitaire game is arguably the most valuable. Why? Because once its set, it dictates the suit for the entire row!
  • Did you know that no cards can be moved to the right of a King in Addiction Solitaire?
  • You can use the reshuffle function up to three times per game when you run out of moves. You will be randomly re-dealt all cards except the ones at their correct value and suit!
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